If you are dealing with a Technical Issue.

Such as:
  A Feature not working correctly.
  You are receiving an Error Message in your Account.

You want to Submit a Ticket to our Tech Team.
There are a couple of ways you can get to the Submit Ticket Page.
You can always go to offrs.com/ticket and Submit through there.
You can also Submit a Ticket through your offrs Account.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner of the page.
A menu will open.
Click on the GET HELP item.
A new page will load.
Click on the SUBMIT TICKET button to the left.
That will take you to the offrs.com/ticket page.

At the top of the page.
Enter in a good Email Address and Phone Number to reach you.
Next, click on the Which Territory has the issue bar.
In the menu, choose the Territory that is having an Issue.
If the Issue is not related to a specific Territory.
Choose All Territories.
Next, click on the Which best describes the Issue bar.
In the menu, choose the Item that best describes the Issue that you're having.

Next is the Can you provide any details that would help us? section.
Type in as much Information about the Issue that you're having as possible.
If you are having an Issue on a Specific page in your offrs Account.
Copy the URL in the Address Bar on the page where the Issue is.
Paste it into the Ticket.
That will allow our Team to go Directly to the page where you're having the Issue.
Lastly, click on the Urgency of the Issue bar.
Choose how Urgent your Issue is.

Click the SUBMIT TICKET button in the bottom right corner.
Our Team will respond as soon as possible.

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