We currently have 3 different Live Training Sessions.

offrs 101 v5, Best Practice, and Q&A Session.

The offrs 101 v5 Session is designed to help you get a feel for our v5 Platform. It is a Light Demo that will show you how to use Basic Features and shows you where you can Access the Advanced features.

Covered in offrs 101 v5:
  How to view your Leads
  How to view all of the People in your Farm
  Where you can Launch individual Campaigns Manually
  Where you can set up your Profile
  Where you can Access all of the Advanced Features
  Such as Auto Pilot, Tags, Teams, and More.

The Best Practice Session is designed to help you with your Marketing. In the Session we talk about Marketing Techniques that we've seen work across the country.

Covered in Best Practice:
  How we Generate Leads for you
  How to best Market yourself to your Smart Data Leads
  The best types of Campaigns to use for your Sphere Contacts
  The steps to take with your Lookup and Verified Leads
  How to utilize these features in your offrs Account
And More

The Q&A Session is for Clients who still have Questions after taking our other 2 Live Training Sessions. Our Q&A Session is open for any of our Clients to Join. Our Expert will be happy to Answer any Questions. Or walk you through how to use any Feature you like.

IMPORTANT: Our Live Training Sessions are always completely free for all of our Clients and all of their Team Members. You can take these Sessions as many times as you like. We Highly recommend taking the Sessions Multiple Times because we are constantly Changing and Improving them Month by Month. Sometimes Week by Week.

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