Go to offrs.com/qa.
Click on the Q & A Session item to the left.
All of the Dates available for the Session will show.
Click on the Date you want.
All of the Times available for that Date will show (All Times shown will be based on your local Time).
Click on the Time you want.
Click on the Confirm button to the right.

Here you will enter in your Contact information.
Enter your First and Last Name in the Full Name bar.
Enter your valid Email Address in the Your e-mail address bar.
Your Email Address will be used to send you information on how to Join the Session and if the Presenter needs to Contact you.
Click the Schedule Event button when you're ready.
You will see an option to add this event to your Calendar

When the Date and Time comes for your Session.
Call 1-860-970-0010.
When you hear the recorded voice.
Enter in the Room Number 257-024-267#

To view the Session.
Go to join.me/offrsqanda.
When the page loads.
Enter your First and Last Name in the bar near the bottom of the page.
Click the JOIN button to the right.

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