Before you Upload an Image to use as your Letter Signature.
Make sure your Image is the right Size and Format.

Your Image can be no larger than 1 Mb.

The only Formats we accept are gif, png, and jpg.

If your Image does not fit to this criteria.
The Image will not Load properly.
A simple Internet Search for an Image Editor will give you many Free options that you can use to Edit your Image to fit our criteria. 

If you aren't sure what Image to use as your Letter Signature.
We have Suggestions at the bottom of this Article

Once you have your Image.
Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
Click on Account Settings.

In the People menu.
Click on the Signatures item.
In the Letter Signature menu.
Click on the CHOOSE FILE button.
A window will open.
Find your Letter Signature Image in your Computer.
Click the SAVE button in the bottom right corner.

Now that Image will appear at the bottom of the Letters you send through your offrs Account.

If you aren't quite sure how your Letter Signature should look.

We have a few Suggestions:

  • Write Your Signature
  • Signature Creator Site
  • Business Card
  • Email Signature Screenshot

Write Your Signature 

You can Write Your Signature on a piece of paper. Then take a Picture of it or Scan it into your Computer.

Signature Creator Site

There are lots of Sites Online that allow you to create a Signature for Free. A simple Internet Search for Signature Creator will show you multiple options. 

Business Card

Similar to the Write Your Signature. Take a Picture of your Business Card, or Scan it into your Computer.

Email Signature Screenshot

If you already have a Email Signature. You can use it as a Letter Signature. To do so, take a Screenshot of your Email Signature. If you don't know how to take a Screenshot. A simple Internet Search can show you how.

IMPORTANT: No matter what type of Signature you choose. The Image criteria still needs to be the same. No bigger than 1 Mb. Format must be gif, png, and jpg

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