We want you to know what your campaigns will look like before you send them. You have the ability to send a test of any text message campaign you are creating.

1. After you have finished loading or creating your test message and are ready to send a test, click the 'Save' button in the top left corner.

2. Then, click the the three line dropdown next to the 'Save' button and select 'Send Test.' A new page will load that will show a green notification box at the top stating 'Test Sent! We sent a test TXT message to your phone on this account.' 

(If you are sending a mass text and you selected the option to include the first name, it will show '(%Person's First Name%).' Do not worry. The name will attach. This is not what will go out but is simply part of the preview process.)

Keep in mind, the text message may take a little time to arrive in your inbox. It will not be instantaneous.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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