First, you need to Access the Template Grid for Autopilot.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.
Scroll down to the ADVANCED menu.
Click on the Templates item near the bottom of the menu.

You need to Select a Tag you want to set up the Autopilot Campaigns for.
Use the Search Bar to Select a Tag.
Click the VIEW TEMPLATES button.

This is the Template Grid for the Tag you  have Selected.

To View the Templates, you need to select a Box in the Grid.
Along the left side of the Grid is the Day you want the Campaign Sent.

EXAMPLE: If you Select Day 7. This Campaign will be Launched on the 7 Days after a Person is given this Tag.

Along the top of the Grid is the Type of Campaign you want to Launch.
Choose a Day and a Type of Campaign.
Then find that Box in the Grid.

Click on the Menu Icon in the Box.
In the menu are all of the Available Templates for that Tag and Type of Campaign.

EXAMPLE: If you choose Day 7 and the Email Campaign. When you click on the Menu Icon in the corresponding Box. You will see all of the Templates for the Email Campaign for that Tag.

Click on the Template you want to Edit.
The Box will turn green.
Click on the Menu Icon again.
Click on the Update Template item at the top of the menu.
A new page will load.

You can now View and Edit the Template.
Once you've Edited the Template.
Click the SAVE TEMPLATE button near the top left corner.

The changes you made are now Saved.

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