The first step to setting up your Autopilot Campaigns is setting up the Who, When, and What for your Campaigns.

Click on your name in the top right corner.
Click on Account Settings.

In the Advanced menu.
Click on the Templates item.
This is where you are going to set up the Who for your Campaigns.
In the bar.
Choose the Tag you want to set on Autopilot.
You can search for a Tag or select one from the menu.
You can only choose 1 Tag.
When you select your Tag.
Click the VIEW TEMPLATES button.

Now that you chose the Who. We can now set up the When and What.

You will see a Grid. Along the left side of the Grid is the When. This is where you can choose When you want a Campaign sent. 

It starts on day 1 and advances in varying increments. All the way to day 330. If you select a Campaign to be sent on day 1. That means the Campaign will be sent to a person as soon as they receive that Tag.

Along the top of the Grid. You will see the What. This is where you choose What type of Campaign you want sent.

We've provided Global Templates for certain Tags.
They will appear red which means they are off.
To turn on, click on the Menu Icon in the Box.
Select Active Global Template.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to record your Voicemail campaigns before activating autopilot to ensure that the campaign is sent out when it's scheduled to go out.

To set up your Campaigns.
Choose When you want the Campaign sent.
Choose What type of Campaign you want sent.
Find the corresponding Box in the Grid.
Click on the Menu Icon in the Box.
A menu will open.

In the menu, you will see a list of Templates.
You can click on one of the Templates.
If you don't want to use those Templates.
You can click on the Create New Template item at the top of the menu.
Once you choose your Template. The Box will turn green.

Now that the Who, What, and When is setup. Now you need to give the system permission to Launch the Campaigns.

That is what the Autopilot page is for.

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