If you've already Created and Saved a Custom Template.
You can Edit it later on.
When Saving an Edited Custom Template.
It will not Erase your Original Custom Template.
It will Create another Custom Template

First, go to the Create Campaign Page for the Email Campaign.
Click on the Menu Icon near the top left corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Load Template item.
A window will open.
Click on the Bar in the middle of the window.
A menu will open.
The first part of the menu is the Custom Template section.
Click on a Custom Template that you want to Edit.
Click the LOAD TEMPLATE button in the bottom right corner of the window.
The Template will now Load into the Body of the Email.

Make the Changes you want to the Template.
Click the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button near the top left corner.
That will Save the new Version of your Custom Template.

You can Access the Template as stated earlier.
The Template will be in the Custom Template section in the Template Menu.

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