Click on the 'CAMPAIGNS' tab at the top of your screen and select 'REPORT'

Select the people you'd like to receive this campaign by either typing their tag into the search bar or by clicking one of the tags shown.

A page will appear informing you of the number of people who will receive this campaign.

Be Advised: Offrs currently has the one global template provided as the default template. When more are updated or after modifying and saving this template, you'll have the option to pick whether you would like to start from scratch or use one of your saved templates.

The report template will appear. You'll see the name as well as the entirety of the report.

To modify the handwritten letter portion of the report, click 'EDIT COVER PAGE'.

At the bottom of the window, you'll a dropdown to change the font with a brief description of what each looks like...

... and a dropdown to change the letter size. When finished, click 'SAVE'.

To edit the Report, click 'EDIT REPORT'. When finished, go to the top and click 'SAVE'.

When finished, click 'SEND CAMPAIGN' at the top. You'll be taken to a preview screen allowing you to see what the final report will look like. When ready, select the date you'd like it sent out and hit 'OK. I APPROVE. SEND IT!'

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