Click on the CAMPAIGNS tab at the top of the page.
Click TEXT.
Select the Tag you want to send a Campaign to.
You can select a Tag from the bottom of the page or search for a Tag.
Click the green button in the bottom left corner that says CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP.

Be advised: If doesn't currently have any global templates and no custom templates have been made for this campaign type and its associated tag, you will be taken directly to the 'CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN FROM SCRATCH' template.

Click the orange CHOOSE button next to the Campaign Template you want to edit.

Important: Text Message Campaigns have to stay Text based. That means you will not be able to add images, videos, or links. You also need to make sure that your Campaign fits into a single Text Message. Your Campaign must be under 140 Characters. There is a counter below the body of the message so you can keep track of how many characters you're using.

In the Short Alias of Campaign bar. You can change the label for the Campaign.
The To: section just shows the Tag the Campaign is being sent to.
Make any changes you want to the body of the Text Message.

You have two options below the body of the Text Message:
  Include first Name as first word in Text Message
  Include your Txt Signature

Include First Name as first word in Text: The recipients will see their first name when they receive the Campaign.

Include your Txt Signature: Your Text Message Signature will appear at the end of the Message.

Important: If you select the Include First Name as First word in Text box and/or the Include your Txt Signature box. That will add characters to the Text Message. Make sure you have enough characters available in your Text Message before choosing these options. 

After you make the edits.
Click SAVE.
After the page reloads.
Click on the SAVE AS TEMPLATE box in the top left corner.

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