Click on the 'CAMPAIGNS' tab at the top of your screen and select 'TEXT'.

Select the people you'd like to receive this campaign by either typing their tag into the search bar or by clicking one of the tags shown.

A page will appear informing you of the number of people who will receive this campaign.

Be advised: If doesn't currently have any global templates and no custom templates have been made for this campaign type and its associated tag, you will be taken directly to the 'CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN FROM SCRATCH' template.

Click the 'CHOOSE' button to the right of 'Create a New Campaign from scratch'.

Feel free to change the name of your campaign. Notice that a character counter is present below the body of the message. Please keep in mind that you can only have 140 characters per text message. At the bottom, you'll have the option to add the person's first name and your 'Text Signature' to the message. When finished, click on the drop down box at the top and select 'Send Test'.

The page will refresh showing that a test text was sent to the phone number you provided when you registered.

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