Select the people you'd like to receive this campaign by either typing their tag into the search bar or by clicking one of the tags shown.

A page will appear informing you of the number of people who will receive this campaign.

Be advised: If doesn't currently have any global templates and no custom templates have been made for this campaign type and its associated tag, you will be taken directly to the 'CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN FROM SCRATCH' template.

Choose the template you'd like to modify from the options available by clicking the 'CHOOSE' button.

The voicemail template will appear. You'll see the title as well as script. Feel free to create your own or modify our existing templates. When ready, click the red button that says 'RECORD VOICE MAIL'.

A pop-up will appear with your phone number and the script. Click 'Click here - We'll call you to record your audio!' when ready to record. You'll receive a phone call prompting you to record your message after a BEEP. Read from your script and hit the '#' key when finished. Click 'CLOSE WHEN DONE RECORDING' after hanging up.

You'll be brought back to the campaign. At the top right will be the green button 'LISTEN.' Click to hear your recording.

A pop-up will appear that allows you to listen to your recording. You also have the option to download the recording as a .WAV file.

If you're not satisfied with your recording, feel free to click 'RECORD NEW VOICE MAIL' and begin the recording process again. When satisfied, hit 'SAVE'. After the page reloads, hit 'SAVE AS TEMPLATE'.

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