If you use a CRM Program.
You might be able to Connect it to your offrs Account.

Below you will see a List of CRM programs offrs is Compatible with.
If you do not use one of the Listed CRM programs, you still might be able to Connect it.

IMPORTANT: You can only Connect 1 CRM Program.

Once your CRM program is Connected, we will send any leads that you designate Automatically to that CRM Program.

You always have Access to all of your Leads through your offrs Account.

To Connect your CRM program.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
Click on Account Settings.

Scroll down to the Advanced menu.
Click on the item that says Connectors.

You can Integrate:

  • Agentology¬†
  • MoxiWorks
  • BoomTown
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • Generic Email Integration
  • Contactually

Important: If you do not use Agentology, Contactually, IXACT, MoxiWorks, Less Annoying CRM,  BoomTown, or Follow Up Boss, you may still be able to integrate your CRM Program using the Generic Email Integration option.
Make sure that your CRM Program accepts Lead Email Specs. The program Must accept Lead Email Specs.
Click Here for more Information on how to make sure your CRM Program is properly connected to the Generic Email Integration option.

Click the Connect button next to the CRM program you want to integrate.
Enter in the needed information.
Click the Save button.

After connecting, you will be able to Select which leads you would like sent over by selecting the Tags below.

Any leads with these tags will be sent over.

Click Here for more Information on how to Select Tags to Export to your CRM Program.

If you use Less Annoying CRM.
There are a few more steps needed to Connect it.
Click Here for more info on how to connect Less Annoying CRM.

If you use Agentology.
Connecting Agentology is still very similar to the other CRM Programs.
The Leads we send to Agentology are a little different.
Click Here for more Information about Connecting Agentology to your offrs Account.

If you use Contactually.
You have to first find the API Key before you can Connect to your offrs Account.
Click Here for more Information on how to Connect Contactually to your offrs Account.

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