If you have an Agentology Account, you can connect it with your offrs Account.
You can do so similarly to how you can connect other CRM Programs.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.
Scroll down to the Advanced menu on the left side of the page.
Click on the Connectors item.
Go to the Agentology section.
Click on the CONNECT button to the right.
A window will open.
Enter your Agentology Email Address in the window.
Click the SAVE button near the bottom left corner of the window.
The CONNECT button will turn green and now say CONNECTED.

Once your Agentology Account is connected, you will be able to choose which Leads you would like to send (based on the applied Tags).

Click Here for more Information on what a Verified Lead is.

Click Here for more Information on what a Hot Lead is. 

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