We do offrs-branded online ads on Google and Facebook. Homeowners click on the ad and are taken to our free home valuation (housevaluereport.com). They answer questions which affect the total of the valuation provided at the end. (Are you near the water? How far are you from urban access? What kind of neighborhood do you live in?) This activity indicates an interest in knowing the value of their house, a strong indicator of a future interest in selling.

Homeowners visiting the website will enter the address into the search bar.  After entering the address a new page will populate.

Here, the homeowner can see the tax assessed value for their home.  The assessment is generally inaccurate and because of this we have allowed the homeowner to enter needed information for a more accurate evaluation.

After clicking the 'Click Here to Update it!' button, the homeowner will then follow the steps to enter additional information regarding their property.

A 'Property Demand Score' will be given after the information has been filled out.

From here the homeowner undergoing the Home Value Experience will be prompted to create an account and they will be asked of their response to our assumption that they are looking to sell their home. They will also be asked to if they agree with the evaluation and have the option to have the valuation verified.

We will match their information to our database and share them as Verified Smart Leads.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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