We are charged $1 by the third party company we work with (Lob.com) which is exactly what we charge our users once the monthly allotment is used. To avoid this, we provide the ability to completely create a handwritten letter in our system and then download it so that you can send it out yourself and not incur any additional cost through offrs.

1. Navigate to a person's profile, possibly by going to the Lead Dashboard ( https://offrs.com/v5/search.cfm ) and clicking on their name.

2. Click on the large 'Letter' button.

3. After you have finished loading or creating your letter and are ready to download, click the 'Save' button in the top left corner.

4. After clicking the 'Save' button, click the 'Send Campaign' button at the top of the screen.

5. Click the blue words at the bottom of the next page that say 'Generating the PDF.... click this link to view'. This will take you to a preview of your final letter.

6. Review the preview of the letter below. To make any changes, click the 'Edit' button.

7. When ready to download, hover your mouse over the preview and a dropdown will appear at the top.

8. Hover your mouse over an option until you find the one that says 'Download.' Click this option to download.

(On the web browser Chrome, the icon looks like a down arrow pointing at a line.)

(If you are sending a mass letter and you selected the option to include the first name, it will show 'First Name' in the final preview which is a normal part of the preview process. This is not the case when you generate the letter as if you were sending a 1-to-1 campaign which is why it is the suggested method as illustrated above.)

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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