Even after being shared on a team. The team leader still has to determine the level of access you have to their leads. We have multiple options with one being to share a platform seat and then hand-assigning only the leads you choose.

1. Click your name in the top right corner.

2. Select 'Account Settings.'

3. Scroll down until you locate the 'Account' module.

4. Select the 'Licenses' option.

5. Click the 'Share Platform' button.

6. Click the 'Choose a Team Member to Share Platform' dropdown and select the team member(s) you want to add.

7. Under the 'Access Marketing Pool' dropdown:

  • No - The team member(s) will not have access to your monthly campaign allotments.
  • Yes - The team member(s) will have access to your monthly campaign allotments.

8. Click 'Save'.

You will now see the team member(s) name below with the type of share, the date it was shared, and whether they can access marketing.

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