Agentology is a system built for Buyer Leads.
Buyer Leads require immediate Follow Up.

offrs focus' Solely on Listing Leads.
We utilize Agentology in a Different way.
Agentology uses Burst Follow Up services using your Brand.
These First Touch Campaigns help Qualify Bottom Funnel Leads ready to List now.

If a Lead is not ready to List now
It doesn't mean they are not Qualified.
On average, a Property Lists 90 - 120 Days after we Qualify a Lead.
This follows the Industry Standard

That's why Consistency in your Marketing is Vital to Convert Listing Leads.

Best Practice if a Lead is Interested:

  • Create a House Value Report. You can Generate the Report through your offrs Account.
  • Introduce yourself to the Lead through Phone. Offer to Mail them a Property Report.
  • This is a Qualified, Bottom Funnel Lead. Pull out all of the stops. Show the Value you can Bring Them!

If the Lead is Not Interested.
You don't want to Give Up on them.

Agentology has 3 Status' for "Unqualified" Leads:

  • Not Interested
  • Already Has Agent
  • Unresponsive 

Not Interested:

Agentology's style of Follow Up can be too Aggressive for Qualified Leads not ready to List right Now.

  • Best Practice: Continue to Market to them. Statistically, Listing Leads do List 90 - 120 Days after being Qualified. You can add them into your offs Account Autopilot System.

Already Has Agent:

Homeowners don't always Admit they are working with an Agent. This is why Agentology helps us Improve our Data.

  • Best Practice: Assign the Sold Tag to Leads already working with an Agent. This will help Increase your ROI by focusing on more Qualified Leads.


Agentology was not able to Connect with the Lead using Burst Follow Up

  • Best Practice: Continue Marketing to them. For the same reasons stated above for the Not Interested Status. Some Homeowners do not want to Interact with an Agent until they are Ready to List their Home. That's why Consistently keeping your Name and Brand in front of them is so Vital.  

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