The template dashboard is where you go to view all of the templates you've created in autopilot or when sending 1-to-many campaigns. They will be saved under the tag that was the target for the campaign. From the dashboard, you will be able to delete templates you've made, see which are active, preview the templates, copy them to another tag, and copy them to a teammate.

1. Click your name in the top right corner.

2. Select 'Account Settings.'

3. Scroll down until you locate the 'Autopilot' module.

4. Select the 'Templates' option.

5. Select 'Go To Template Dashboard'.

6. A dropdown will appear with all of your tags available for selection. Simply select the tag you are interested in and click 'View Templates'.

You will see a list of campaigns for that tag with the following column headers:

- Campaign: The name of the campaign.

- Lead Name: If there is a green checkmark, it indicates that the campaign has been activated before and has the setting enabled to include lead's first name.

- Agent Signature: (See above)

- Preview: Click in order to see a preview of what the campaign looks like.

- Copy to Tag: Click to see a dropdown of all tags and select the one you'd like the template copied to.

- Copy to Teammate: Click to see a dropdown of your teammates and select the one who you'd like the template copied to under the same tag.

- Delete: Click 'DELETE' to remove any campaign that you have created. If it says 'ACTIVE', the template is currently on in the profile and would need to be turned off before you could delete it. You can only delete templates you have created.

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