Many of our users prefer to use their own pre-established marketing providers due to familiarity and appreciation of the advanced tracking options these companies can provide. Here is the information on how to utilize one such company.

1. Go to www.prospectsplus.com

To create a postcard campaign and upload your contacts:

2. Find ‘Real Estate Postcards’ and click ‘Start with a Template’.

3. Select a template.

4. Enter the size and select the mailing option.

5. Customize the front and back how you would like and click ‘Next’.

6. Select ‘Click to Start Mailing List’.

7. Choose your .csv file that you have exported from our platform.

8. Select ‘Click here to display all field mappings’.

9. Confirm all columns are matched up correctly and click ‘Save’.

10. Click ‘Use This List’.

11. Confirm design and click ‘add to cart’.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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