Many of our users prefer to use their own pre-established marketing providers due to familiarity and appreciation of the advanced tracking options these companies can provide. Here is the information on how to utilize one such company.

1. Go to www.badgermapping.com

To upload your contacts:

2. Select ‘Settings’ on the WebApp.

3. Click ‘Import Accounts’.

4. Click ‘Import Excel/CSV’.

5. Choose your .csv file that you have exported from our platform.

6. Select ‘Do It Yourself’.

7. Click ‘Upload’.

8. Make sure column headers match (Address is Address, etc.) and click ‘Next’.

9. Add any optional fields you like.

10. When finished, click ‘Alright already, let’s map your data!’

To create a route, either:

11. Click the dot on the map and select ‘Add to Route’.
Click the ‘Lasso’ tool, circle your area, and click ‘Create Route’.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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