Farming every single person in your territory would be expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming. What we do is take all the homeowners and using the data we purchase from the top tier providers in the country, we use our algorithm to paint a digital picture of the homeowner and look at factors that would influence them to want to sell their house in the next year. Here are just a few examples of where we collect our information:

  • Tax Information
  • Financial Information
  • Consumer Information
  • Marital status
  • Behavioral habits from real estate sites

We take everything you could learn from an hour-long conversation with the homeowner and we give them a score of 0 to 100 with 100 being most likely to sell. We then draw a line in the sand at 70. Anyone 70 and above is a Smart Lead. Shrinking down the farm in such a way makes it much easier to do your job. This means spending a quarter of the time and money while still getting in front of the majority of homeowners. This time saved can now be spent building relationships, a task that many agents neglect. Farming and nurturing these Smart Leads is how our users are seeing the greatest ROI.  

From this group of leads we are able to predict over 70% of home sales nationwide! The Smart Leads are the bread-and-butter and should be your main focus when farming and nurturing.

The majority of homeowners go with the first real estate agent they are approached by.  We predict that the homeowner is looking to sell their home before they confirm so you have a better chance of being the first agent in the door.  

For scripts and helpful industry insight to assist with lead nurturing check out our sister site

For Best Practices advice on how to effectively market to your leads, check out the 'Campaign Best Practices' within your account.  You are able to locate this section of the account by clicking on the 'Campaigns' drop-down menu from the header and selecting 'Campaign Best Practices'.

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