Your photo and logo may not be loading properly because the image file may not meet our accepted formats and size.

Your Photo will be used in all marketing communications including print, so please make sure your logo is of good resolution.

The image should be a minimum of 600px wide and the accepted formats include gif, png, jpg. The maximum file size is 1Mb. If the file uploaded is too big, it will either reduce the quality of the image or break the upload.

Make sure that after you have selected and uploaded the image that you click the 'Save' button.

You may need to then refresh the page after saving the file.
For a hard refresh for PC press CRTL + F5.  For Mac hold down ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift key and then press R.

(There are many image manipulation programs available if you should need to adjust your files according to the requirements.  One example of a recommended program is GIMP.)

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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