Each account comes with an array of previously populated tags. They fall into three classes: Status, Descriptive, and GEO. Users are also able to create tags of their own to be used when searching and organizing leads.  A Tag is a way to label a person in order to easily search for them or launch a campaign to them.  Status tags are helpful in showing you how far along your leads are.

Descriptive tags include:

  1.  Smart Leads: A lead generated by the smart data that has a score of 70 or above according to the algorithm.
  2.  Lookup Leads: A lead that has visited housevaluereport.com or a branded smart site.
  3.  Verified Lead: A lead who has confirmed having an interest in selling within the next 6 to 12 months.
  4. Sphere: Leads uploaded into offrs by you.
  5.  Mortgage: A lead that has indicated through our marketing that they are interested in financing.
  6.  MLS: A property that our data informs us is currently listed.
  7. Expired: A property whose listing has expired.
  8.  Company: A property owned by a company.
  9.  Routing: A lead that has been routed to a team member by a team leader.
  10.  Sold: A property that, according to our data providers, has sold. This tag stays on the property for 180 days.

Investor, Family, Clients, and Buyer descriptive tags can be added but do not automatically attach to leads.  These additional descriptive tags are available to you to help you organize your leads.

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