The property report comes pre-built with a handwritten letter for the first page. If you would like, you have the option to create a custom letter for your front page.

(This type of campaign is only available to Enterprise platform users. For more information, please email us at support@offrs.com and we will assist you.)

1. Navigate to a person's profile, possibly by going to the Lead Dashboard ( https://offrs.com/v5/search.cfm ) and clicking on their name.

2. Click on the large 'Report' button.

3. Fill out the name of the campaign - This is the name that will be shown when you are locating the campaign in the future.

4. Click the 'Edit Cover Page' button at the top.

5. You will see the current letter content. Add or delete as you'd like.

6. Feel free to click the dropdown to change the text font.

7. Click the 'Save' button when finished. The changes will be shown in the preview of the campaign.

8. Next ,click the three line dropdown menu next to the 'Edit Report' button and select 'Save as Template.'

Now you can click the three line dropdown menu whenever creating a report and select 'Load Template' to load up your saved templates.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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