Purpose: To set internal notes for yourself or for other team members to more clearly communicate and inform of recent activity and to assign tasks.

1. Locate the lead that you wish to update with a note 

2. In the lead's profile click on the 'Add Note' button.  A module will populate.

3. Click on the upper-left hand portion of the module to add content.

4. Click on the option 'Touch' to select the campaign most recently sent to this lead.

5.  Click on 'New Status' to add a new status to the lead in the notes.

6.  Click on 'None Selected' to select a team member to assign a task to.

7.  Click on 'Set Reminder' to chose a date to be notified of task.

8.  Click on 'Save' when the necessary content has been added.

(If you are not familiar with what a 'Status' is for a lead refer to the article 'Status Tags and What They Mean'.)

Account holder's and team members have access to the notes if the access is granted by the account holder.

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