If there are certain leads that you wish to not send campaigns to you are able to archive them in your account.  Once the lead is archived you will not be able to search for them by tag or name in the lead search criteria.

1.  Locate the lead you wish to archive by searching them through the Lead Dashboard.  You are able to filter according to the criteria.

2. Click on the Lead's name to access their profile.

3. Locate the 'Overview' module on the left hand side of the page.

4. Click on the gear icon in the right hand corner of the 'Overview' module.

6. Click on the last option under the drop-down menu 'Archive Person'.

You are also able to Archive the lead from the Lead Dashboard:

  • Search for the lead.
  • Click on the three bar drop down menu next to 'Status'.
  • Select 'Archive'.

(For information on unarchiving a person, please refer to the help article about unarchiving a person.)

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