In order to provide easy accessibility for our users to search their leads we have included the 'People' drop-down menu in the platform.  The 'People' drop-down menu allows users to easily locate leads under specific tags including custom tags.  Our users are also able to quickly jump to 'Lead Dashboard' from the 'People' drop-down menu as well as add a new lead.  Our users are also able to quickly access the last five lead searches made.

To search leads by specific tags from the 'People' drop-down menu refer to the following instructions:

1. Locate the 'People' drop-down menu in the blue header at the top of the page.

2. Click on the tag you wish to search.

To quickly access leads most recently searched within the 'People' drop-down menu under 'Recent People' click on one of the five buttons with the names of the leads on it.

To add a person to the lead database, click on the 'Add Person' button.  Fill out the correct information obtained on this lead and click on the button 'Add Person'.

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