Purpose: The 'Home Screen' is designed to assist our users with easy navigation in the platform.  The 'Home screen' consists of six key modules.  The six modules include: 'Territories', 'Smart Leads', 'Launch Campaign', 'Download', 'Account Settings', and 'Get Help'.  Above the six modules we have the blue 'Header'.  The 'Header' consists of four 'Drop-Down' menu.  These menus include: 'Dashboard', 'People', 'Campaigns', and 'Learn'.  Our users can also click on their name in the right hand corner for a 'Drop-Down' menu providing navigation to three options.  The three options include: 'Account Settings', 'Get Help', and 'Logout'.  The 'Header' also has a notification for reminders and approvals to the left of the user profile picture.

To view information on the number of properties, number of smart leads, and more locate the 'Territories' module.  Within the 'Territories' module click on the button 'View Territories' and this will take you to the 'Territories' page.  The page will include:

  • Territory ID's
  • zip codes of those ID's
  • Number of Properties, number of Smart Leads
  • Action 'Drop-Down' menu that will allow you to manage territory further.

To access your Smart Leads locate the 'Smart Leads' module.  Within the module click on the button 'Search Leads'.  The 'Lead Dashboard' will populate after clicking the button.  This is where you are able to search and manage your leads.

(If you are not familiar with how to utilize the 'Lead Dashboard', refer to 'Lead Dashboard' article.)

To send campaigns and leverage our Smart Data to generate Leads locate the 'Campaigns' module.  Click on the 'Launch Campaign' button within the module.  Once the page populates you will have the ability to:

  • Download data
  • Launch campaigns

(If you are unfamiliar with how to leverage our platform to effectively market to your leads, refer to Campaign Best Practices.)

To view all options to generate lists for downloading and exporting into other applications locate the 'Download' module.  Click on the 'Download Lists' button.  You will be directed to the 'Launch a Campaign' page where you will be able to download the lists available for each campaign type.  When you click on 'Download List' a menu will pop up.  The menu will include:

  • Terms for downloading
  • Options for different lists to download
  • Option to track a touch

To download you must click on the button 'Agree, Continue to Download'.  Make sure to read the terms and conditions.

To update your profile for any outbound marketing campaigns and access advanced features locate the 'Account Settings' module.  Click on 'Update Profile'.  From here you will be able to:

  • Change your name
  • Add your company
  • Provide your email address and a secondary email that will be CC'd
  • Provide phone numbers
  • Add website
  • Fill in address. (Important to fill in address for sending out mail campaigns)

For more advanced features locate the 'Profile' module on the left'hand side.  It is the top module stacked on the other modules. The options available through the 'Profile' module include:

  • My Profile- See above
  • Password- Update security settings
  • Photo and Logo- Uploading your photo and logo for marketing materials
  • Signatures- Setup your custom signatures for email, letter, text and add disclaimer
  • Set up Text Number- Setting up your phone number for campaign

Have a serious issue?  Stuck on something?  To get help locate the 'Get Help' module.  if you are just getting started, this is also where you sign up for training.  Within the module click on the button 'Go to Support'.  There are three categories for this page:

1. Submit a Ticket

2. Help Desk

3. Training

We strongly encourage taking the live training offered twice a day every week day.  The training covers basics on utilizing the platform, Best Practices, and includes a Q&A.

For quick access to the 'Lead Dashboard' or to navigate to the 'Team 'Dashboard' locate the 'Dashboard' Drop-Down menu included in the header.  You are also able to access the main home screen as well from the 'Dashboard' menu.

The 'Team Dashboard' allows you to monitor your team's activity and to view their information.

For the quickest way to navigate through your people, click on the 'People' Drop-Down menu.  From 'People' you are able to search the top five most recent lead searches, find people by tag, and add a new lead.

(If you are not familiar with the 'People' Drop-Down Menu refer to the article about it.)

For tips on how to begin communicating with your leads, for quick access to the 'Campaigns' screen, and to view the status of any sent, sending, or draft campaigns you have set up in the system locate and click on the 'Campaigns' Drop-Down menu.

For quick navigation to videos on how to maximize the platform,  to sign up for training, to submit Support Tickets, and to access educational articles locate the 'Learn' Drop-Down menu.

The 'Header' also has a notification for reminders and approvals to the left of the user profile picture.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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