We have labeled the leads that we have generated from our predictive algorithm that are most likely to sell within the next 12 months.  To better understand and have visual reference of the effectiveness of the un-branded marketing we do behind the scenes, we have labeled the leads according to the further qualification.  

(It is important to keep in mind that while we are marketing to your Smart Data Leads, we are not representing any realtor or their company.)

Smart Leads:
Farming every single person in your territory would be expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming. What we do is take all the homeowners and using the data we purchase from the top tier providers in the country, we use our algorithm to paint a digital picture of the homeowner and look at factors that would influence them to want to sell their house in the next year. Here are just a few examples of where we collect our information:

  • Tax Information
  • Financial Information
  • Consumer Information
  • Marital status
  • Behavioral habits from real estate sites

We take everything you could learn from an hour-long conversation with the homeowner and we give them a score of 0 to 100 with 100 being most likely to sell. We then draw a line in the sand at 70. Anyone 70 and above is a Smart Lead. Shrinking down the farm in such a way makes it much easier to do your job. From this group we are able to predict over 70% of home sales nationwide! These leads are our bread-and-butter and should be your main focus when farming and nurturing.

From our top successful agents we have taken note of their methods and strategies for effectively nurturing their leads and we are happy to share this insight with you.  Here are a few resources regarding Best Practices:

1. Our sister site offrs.net is a great resource.  It has industry insight, scripts, humorous articles, and more available for you to utilize.

2. Here is a link to our live training which includes a short video on Best Practices, basics on how to utilize our platform, and a live Q&A after: http://offrs.com/training/

3. In your account there is a section in 'Campaigns' that is called 'Best Practice Campaigns'.  This section covers campaigns we recommend when Smart Farming.

4. We are also able to set you up with a one on one call to discuss Best Practices.  Reach out with a Support ticket or give us a call!

(If you do not know how to submit a support ticket refer to the article 'Having a Technical Issue')

Verified Leads:
We work to verify the SMART scores of all of our homeowners using two different methods: Smart Site Campaigns and Behavioral Analysis.

We do offrs-branded online ads on Google and Facebook. Homeowners click on the ad and are taken to our free home valuation (housevaluereport.com). They answer questions which affect the total of the valuation provided at the end. (Are you near the water? How far are you from urban access? What kind of neighborhood do you live in?) This activity indicates an interest in knowing the value of their house, a strong indicator of a future interest in selling.

We analyze homeowner behavior on 3rd party websites. Using data aggregated from the top real estate websites, we evaluate homeowner actions and habits, looking for behaviors that indicate an interest in selling in the next 12 months.

IMPORTANT: These Verified SMART Leads have NOT indicated that they want a call and a solicitation. They are exhibiting actions indicating an interest in selling. It’s as if you saw them picking up a pamphlet called ‘Interested In Selling Your House?’ You should approach them as a friendly resource who is simply introducing yourself.

(Let us know if you need help strategizing how to reach out to your leads.)

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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