We are a tag-based platform.  We have made this so in order to assist with breaking up the amount of leads into groups to make nurturing efforts much more manageable.

1. Locate the 'Smart Leads' module on your home screen.

2. Click on the 'Smart Leads' button.

3. Locate the 'Keyword' section of the search criteria.

4. Enter the person's last name, address, last four digits of the phone number, or email address to search for the homeowner that you wish to add or remove a tag with.

5. Click on the homeowner's name and when their profile loads,  select 'Add Tag' in the 'Overview' module.

6. Once the pop-up menu loads, click on the grey search bar next to the tags already applied.

7.  Select a Tag to add or locate the highlighted pre-existing tag and click on it until the highlight is removed.

8. Save.

You are able to add as many tags as you would like.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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