When licensing a territory, or multiple territories with Offrs, you have access to 6 different leads types. We "tag" specific leads to help better tell the story of that lead and show what they have engaged with (Example: A 3rd Party Lead has engaged with a 3rd party website and a Facebook Lead has engaged with your ads on Facebook). A lead can have one or multiple tags. You can access these 6 different types of leads under Smart Farm.

Your primary set of leads is your Smart Leads. Your Smart Leads include (but are not limited to) the high scoring leads from the 5 other tags we provide.

Smart Leads are the high scoring (70-100) leads our proprietary algorithm has determined as most likely to list over the next 12 months. We determine a homeowner is a Smart Lead based on 250+ data points. This is the primary audience we recommend focusing your marketing efforts on.

Facebook Leads are generated via our Facebook Smart Ads. These leads are opted in and have requested to receive a home evaluation from a local real estate expert, like yourself. To start generating Facebook Leads, click here to activate the Facebook Smart Ads app.

Look Up Leads have engaged with our Smart Site. Our Smart Site is a landing page that provides a homeowner with a unique home valuation experience. To visit our Smart Site, please visit housevaluereport.com. To create your own customized Smart Site, click here to activate the Smart Sites app.

3rd Party Leads are leads that have been browsing and engaging with major 3rd party real estate websites, which illustrates they may be in-market and looking to list.

Expired Listings are generated from Expired listings. Expired leads are complimentary with your territories.

FSBO Leads are generated via homes listed FOR SALE BY OWNER. FSBO leads are complimentary with your territories.

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