There are 2 ways to transfer your leads over to another system:

  1. Uploading a file (e.g. CSV file)
  2. Using a parsing email or API key

If you are looking to upload a file of your leads - you will first need to download them. Please reference this article "How do I download a CSV file and how do I download different sets of 100?" or email us at

If you are looking to use a parsing email or API key to transfer your leads to a 3rd party system you will need to retrieve a parsing email or API key from your CRM or 3rd party system. We recommend reaching out to the 3rd party systems support team or referencing their help center to retrieve this information.

Once you have the parsing email or API key we will need to connect your Offrs account. You can connect the accounts by clicking your name at the top right-hand corner > Account Settings > Connectors. Then you will need to select which tags you would like transferred over into your CRM. This is how we will be able to send leads from Offrs to your CRM.

*The connector will only send leads that come in after the connection has been set up.

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