There are 3 important things to do when it comes to marketing to people.

  1. Be consistent

  2. Diversify your marketing

  3. Have reasonable content

Let's go over each one to explain a bit further. Being consistent means putting together a plan as to what you want to do every 7 to 10 days. Touch 1 could be putting a postcard together then sending it out, touch 2 sending emails, touch 3 call a set amount of people each day, and touch 4 follow up with top scores or get caught up on previous work. So on and so on until the market is saturated with your brand. (Please note these are examples, you could do 3 emails and a call, whatever best fits your style and budget)

By doing different kinds of marketing, it will hit all your smart leads and give you a better chance to capture someone's attention. Everyone has an address but not everyone will have an email or phone number. Also, some people may be more open to receiving an email as opposed to a phone call. Diversification also ups your chance by giving you a higher percentage of return, each marketing avenue gives you a small return and when they are all done that percentage accumulates and becomes greater. 

Last is what are you going to say. Most agents go with a standard "I'm an expert and I can tell you what your home is worth" or "Do you want to list your home? We have low inventory." Those are great once but it is not something you want to repeat over and over again. Sharing other information about real estate and the community would be a great option that has some longevity. An example would be calling and doing a survey about why homeowners love the area they live in. Explain this helps write better descriptions for listed houses and can help raise the values of homes in the area. Another would be talking about fire/hurricane/tornado/flood/blizzard safety, do a 3 part series about how to prepare for a natural disaster, knowing the evacuation routes in the area, and what insurance to have just in case (maybe even partner with a local insurance agency on that). 

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