The reason you need to consistently be in front of a prospect is because of two reasons.

First we have to walk the potential prospect through the marketing phases:

Phase 1: Branding/Awareness/Throw away: This is where you introduce your product or service to a potential buyer or client. Our Smart leads are in this phase. The most common marketing would be Direct mail, email, Facebook ads, event invite.

Phase 2: Curiosity: The client or buyer becomes interested in the the product or service. This is where they may begin to research on Zillow, do a home evaluation, or click on a Facebook ad. Our Lookup, 3rd party, and Facebook leads are in this phase. The most common marketing would be email, direct mail, phone calls, door knock, event invite.

Phase 3: Alignment: This is where the client or buyer purchases the product or service. This is where you get an appointment and then the listing from any of the leads.

The second reason is to to not be forgotten/build relationship:

Many marketers discuss touches whether you are selling real estate, doughnuts, cars etc. It is all the same theory. We need to show your brand to someone multiple times so they remember who you are and what you do. Think back to when you were learning math as a child. You had to do the same multiplication tables over and over to make the information stick. 

So we suggest multiple touches planned out equaling a total of 20. Not every person will need all 20 touches, but the vast majority will need a significant amount to keep you top of mind and build a relationship with.

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