Check out these scripts below, they are a great way to reach out to your leads (Phone or Email). 

Smart/Lookup Lead/3rd party - COVID-19

Hi, my name is __ with __ and I am reaching out to homeowners in the __ area with a survey relating to the current pandemic. Do you have a few moments to provide some insight?

If YES - Thank you for participating. Would you be fearful of listing your home due to the pandemic? If so, why? Have you noticed an increase or decrease in homes for sale in your area? Do you believe the value of your home has been affected? If so, has it been positively affected or negatively affected? Are you finding more people who are looking to move closer to rural areas or urban areas? Are you working remotely? If so, are you looking to relocate or upgrade your home? Are you looking to list your home, or do you know of anyone looking to list?

If NO - I completely understand! If you are ever looking for a friend to help you with your real estate needs, I'm your person. Don't hesitate to give this number a call and have a great day!

Smart/Lookup Lead/3rd party

Hi, this is _ your local real estate specialist but I’m also one of your neighbors in the community here! How are you this afternoon...?
I don’t want to take too much of your time, but I did want to reach out and personally introduce myself. For those in the area who have real estate questions, I offer my expertise on our local housing market. I have some great resources at my disposal that would allow me to give you a very accurate valuation of your property. It would of course not cost you anything. I'm just looking to help and inform. Would you be interested?

IF YES - Great! Perhaps we can meet sometime and you can tell me more information about your house so I can give you the most accurate number.

IF NO - No worries. If you ever change your mind, I'd be happy to speak to you or any friends or family looking for help. I just want you to know I'm here for you.

CLOSING - It’s been great talking to you this *afternoon/evening*. Thank you for your time! Bye!

Smart/Lookup/3rd party

Hello__This is __ your neighborhood expert. Just wanted to let you know there are some cool events going on in the area this week. 

Event A

Event B

Event C

Smart/Lookup/3rd party

Hello, __ this is ___ your local/neighborhood real estate expert. We have had some listings in your area and we want to find out more about the neighborhood. This information helps us build a description of the area for these homes and in turn, can increase the value. So, what do you love about your neighborhood? 

Smart/Lookup/3rd party

Hello _____ this is ________ Your local/neighbor real estate expert. I’m calling everyone in the neighborhood today to ask if they have done a home evaluation. Have you ever done one?

If YES - Great have you had it confirmed? (Give reasons why it is important to have a local do confirm it, internet not accurate, need to have someone that works in the area tell them the value, etc. Free community service. Set appointment)

If NO -  Great would you like to have us come and do one? (Explain what it is and why it is important. Free community service. Set appointment)

Smart/Lookup Lead/3rd party 

“Hi, my name is ___ with ABC Realty. I’ve been talking with some of your neighbors about the current value of their homes and wanted to see if you were interested in getting a complimentary market report as well. When is the last time you had your home value reviewed?

Smart/Lookup Lead/3rd party - COVID-19

Hi, this is __ with __ how are you doing today? Great! Listen, we are reaching out to homeowners in the __ area and wanted to let you know we are offering virtual real estate services. Would you be interested in getting a home evaluation from a real estate professional?

If YES - Great! I would be happy to chat virtually about the value of your home. What day works best for you?

If NO - Do you know of anyone in your neighborhood who may be curious about the current value of their home?

Facebook leads

Hi, this is ___ with ___, I was notified that you filled out a form on Facebook looking for a home evaluation. I would be happy to do that for you but first I do need some details about your home. We can do it over the phone or I can stop by and do a proper walkthrough. 

Hi Jim. John Smith with ABC Realty here. I saw you requested a valuation online through one of my ads and I just wanted to get a few additional details to make sure it's as accurate as possible. When I provide a valuation it's much more than just something generated by a website. Have you done any recent renovations? Have there been any major developments very near to your house?......

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