Check out these scripts below, they are a great way to reach out to your leads (Phone or Email). 

Smart/Lookup/3rd party

Hello__This is __ your neighborhood expert. Just wanted to let you know there are some cool events going on in the area this week. 

Event A

Event B

Event C

Smart/Lookup/3rd party

Hello __ This is ___ your local/neighborhood real estate expert. We have had some listings in your area and we want to find out more about the neighborhood. This information helps us build a description of the area for these homes and in turn can increase the value. So, what do you love about your neighborhood? 

Smart/Lookup/3rd party

Hello _____ This is ________ Your local/neighbor real estate expert. I’m calling everyone in the neighborhood today to ask if they have done a home evaluation. Have you ever done one?

If YES - Great have you had it confirmed? (Give reasons why it is important to have a local do confirm it, internet not accurate, need to have someone that works in the area tell them the value, etc. Free community service. Set appointment)

If NO -  Great would you like to have us come and do one? (Explain what it is and why it is important. Free community service. Set appointment)

Smart/Lookup Lead/3rd party 

“Hi my name is ___ with ABC Realty. I’ve been talking with some of your neighbors about current value of their homes and wanted to see if you were interested in getting a complimentary market report as well. When is the last time you had your home value reviewed?

Facebook leads

Hi this is ___ with ___, I was notified that you filled our a form on Facebook looking for a home evaluation. I would be happy to do that for you but first I do need some details about your home. We can do it over the phone or I can stop by and do a proper walk through. 

Hi Jim. John Smith with ABC Realty here. I saw you requested a valuation online through one of my ads and I just wanted to get a few additional details to make sure it's as accurate as possible. When I provide a valuation it's much more than just something generated by a website.Have you done any recent renovations? Have there been any major developments very near to your house?......

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