The value add in this campaign is your personal valuation site or your offrs Smart Site (if you have created one). This is a great way to interact with a potential client and get to see how they view their home. Do they under or over value certain aspects? Do they understand curb appeal? 


Event campaigns can do wonders when used to nurture and touch your leads. Think of what you can do with a handshake and a 2 minute conversation. You’re also demonstrating that you think outside the box in order to meet with people. This will come in handy when you’re looking for buyers as their listing agent. 

Examples of events would be an open house or learning seminar at your brokerage. You can always partner events that are already happening like your local farmers market or blood drive. 

Quickly put together an event on Eventbrite. Or make one on Facebook and then share it with your followers. Email it out through our Marketing Blast app.


Speak with a local business owner. Let them know you will market to the area for them and all they have to do is provide a coupon or discount code. They get free marketing which can be pricey and you get the opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand while providing added value.

Do it for a new restaurant, a pet supply store, a moving company. Finding new ways to reach diverse demographics is only going to help you. If it’s digital, you can attach it in an email or share it in a Facebook post. If you have a custom website, include it on your homepage. Many users find that this campaign opens to the door to future collaborations as others begin to notice the traffic you drove to the business.


Reaching out with a survey is a wonderful way to make a great introduction and first impression. People love giving their opinion. This is great for building your brand equity. You’re the friendly, neighborhood agent and this shows you do your market research. This campaign also where you can ask permission to send follow-up campaigns. Use the survey to gather additional information. Ask for their name, email, phone number. Following up in the future will seem less invasive because they provided the contact info. Create a free survey at Surveymonkey.com or Typeform.com. Facebook also has polls and surveys. You can also do a phone survey, check out the script below as an example. 

“Hello __ This is ___ your local/neighborhood real estate expert. We have had some listings in your area and we want to find out more about the neighborhood. This information helps us build a description of the area for these homes and in turn can increase the value. So, what do you love about your neighborhood?”


Sharing information about recently listed or sold homes is powerful because it allows you to prove you get results. You are showing you’re the neighborhood agent and that people there trust you with their largest financial asset. It also shows that you do business. You not only list houses in the area. You also get houses SOLD. If you had offers in 3 days, let people know. Mention if you got your last house sold above asking price. Show that you’ll take care of the homeowner’s interests. You could send out direct mailer postcards through our Direct Mail autopilot. Display the sale on a Facebook post or promote it through email with our marketing Blast app. 


One of the most successful campaign types we’ve seen agents do is a fundraiser campaign. There is no better way to build your brand and establish trust than providing value to the community. People believe that making a real change is hard, but with the help of technology it doesn’t have to be. Sites like GoFundMe and Facebook make it easy. 

Why is this so powerful? It provides common ground. We had a user put in new benches at the local dog park with donations from those in his area. It showed he was a dog person which is a fantastic talking point. Hearing that this will improve something they really care about and seeing that you care about it too is huge. People notice when a positive change is made. It’s impossible not to admire and respect a person who is working toward making the world a better place. Benches at a dog park isn’t a huge undertaking, but it is improving your little corner of the world. 

It can also lead to other campaigns. Hold an event at the dog park you just improved. Work with a nearby pet supply store on a local business promotion campaign. Attach a coupon along with the link to your gofundme page. Post about the fundraiser in your next email newsletter or share the link on social media. Asking others to share the link will not seem pushy and it’s opening you up to whole other networks.


Reach out to your past clients and ask if they wouldn’t mind providing a testimonial of what their experience was like working with you. Even just a sentence or two will go a long way. Then turn it into a campaign to your potential prospects. Hearing from someone local that you “made the experience easy and enjoyable” or that you “sold the house in less than a week” is an incredibly powerful tool that few agents utilize. 

Include a picture of the house and ask how much of the person’s name they are ok with you using. If advertising or sharing your testimonial on Facebook, we suggest using a strong call to action like "See What This Homeowner Had To Say" or "I Will Make Selling Easy. Just Ask This Person". If you are going to email homeowners cold, we suggest including the testimonial so that it is informational and not solicitation. If advertising the testimonial via a direct mail postcard, be sure to include all of the pertinent testimonial information along with your correct branding information. 


Engage homeowners by creating a video and sharing it on social media or via email using one of many resources available. Video has shown to have a 300% efficacy in engagement versus text. Capture a quick video from your laptop or phone using Facebook or instagram and post directly to your business page. You can upload a video on a public site such as Youtube and then share the link in an email.


This is a fun way to interact with potential clients. It is more unique information that people will be interested in learning more about. Which can lead to more open emails or positive phone calls. Google "events near me" usually 3 or 4 will pop up. It is simply now copying and pasting this into an email. Put a catchy subject line like "Weekend Fun" or "Local Activities". This is also an endless source of material. There is always something going on each weekend in your community. 

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