This app allows you to deliver one-time marketing campaigns to people based on how they are tagged. This app supports Voice mail marketing channels.

The first step is selecting Voice Mail by clicking on Choose an Option. Then select Voicemail from the drop-down.

The second step is to choose which tags (audience) to include in your campaign. Once again click on Choose an Option and select a tag from the drop-down.

The third step is to then choose a pre-existing template or a Create a New Campaign and then click on the green CONTINUE button. Select Choose an Option and then select Create a New Campaign or pre-existing template.

If you are selecting Create a New Campaign the next steps will be recording the voicemail. To begin this process click on the red RECORD VOICE MAIL button.

A pop-up box will appear, enter in a number for the program to call you on. Then click on the gray Click Here - We'll call you to record your audio! button. The program will now call you, once the phone rings answer and follow the instructions of the recording. Once you have completed your recording click on the blue CLICK HERE WHEN DONE RECORDING button.

Once you have completed the recording the red RECORD VOICE MAIL button has changed to a blue SCHEDULE AND SEND CAMPAIGN button. You also have the ability to listen to the recording by clicking on the green LISTEN button. If you need to change the recording in any way then you can click on the white RECORD NEW VOICE MAIL button. Once you have everything to your liking then click on the blue SCHEDULE AND SEND CAMPAIGN button.

You are now on the last step of sending the Voice Mail. The finalization page allows shows the campaign you are sending, recipients, and scheduling.

First is the campaign.

Second is what Recipients will receive the Voicemail and what is the charge for sending the Voicemail. Note that you can change the size of your audience if needed by clicking on the number and entering in an amount greater than at least 50 and then clicking on the blue UPDATE button. Note that it will not take full effect until you have selected a day and time to send the campaign.

Last is the Schedule where you can pick the day and time for sending out the voicemail. Always give a 48 to 72-hour buffer to make sure the Voicemail gets to the recipients on time. Please also take into account this is based on an EST time zone. Once everything is completed click on the blue SAVE AND CONTINUE button.

You should now be looking at a purchase confirmation page. Double-check to make sure everything is correct and then click don't the green CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE button.

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