The Seller Signal Leads app identifies people who have indicated they may be looking to sell in your selected zip code(s).

How do we identify Seller Signal Leads?

A Seller Signal Lead is a person who has filled out a form on one or more of the 200+ real estate websites we monitor.

How are these leads different from my Smart Leads?

If you are currently licensing a territory (or multiple) with Offrs, you will be receiving Smart leads from that territory. Smart Leads are generated via our proprietary algorithm based on 250+ data points. Seller Signal Leads have specifically filled out forms on the real estate websites we monitor.

How many zip codes can I receive leads from?

You are able to receive leads from up to 10 zip codes at a time.

Do I get a phone number and email for every lead?

We provide any contact information they submit on the online form.

Can I export this list?

Yes! You can export this list by selecting the Seller Signal Lead app > Launch the App > Download

*Please note the app will only show up to 500 leads at a time. To view all of the leads, beyond 500, you can export the list.

How do I update my zip codes?

To change, add or remove zip codes you are receiving leads from you will first need to select the Seller Signal Lead app > Launch the App > Update Zip > Add Zip > Save.

How do I get notified of new leads via email?

To set up your email notifications to be notified of new Seller Signal Leads you will first need to select the Seller Signal Lead app > Launch the App > Notifications > Add Email (add one or more emails to be notified) > Save.

How do I deactivate my Seller Signal Leads app?

To deactivate your Seller Signal Leads app you will first need to select the Seller Signal Lead app > Active > Yes, Uninstall this App. Uninstalling/deactivating the app will discontinue your access to Seller Signal Leads and stop the billing for this app.

How should I reach out to my Seller Signal Leads?

We recommend reaching out with an initial call and email. Please check out the scripts provided below, these can be used for both calls and emails.

Script #1:

Closing Costs

Hello __, ___ your local agent here peeling back the curtain on the real cost of closing. Every time you buy or sell a home there are always going to be some additional costs:

(Fill closing costs in here Bullet point is suggested)

  • Inspectors
  • Paperwork
  • Downpayment
  • etc

Some of these costs can be negotiated, to learn more about any of these costs please contact me with any questions.

Script #2:

Home Evaluation Confirmation

Hi __, I Hope you are doing well this is ___ from ____ agency/brokerage. We have recently been surveying people in the area to talk to them about Home evaluations from the internet. We find that many homeowners use this tool but are missing a critical step in getting it confirmed by a local agent. Have you or anyone in your home ever done an online Home Evaluation?

YES (If yes, then ask if it has been confirmed. If it has not been confirmed then try to set an appointment for confirmation.)

NO (Great opportunity ask if they would like one.)

Scripts #3:

Real estate Info Survey

Hi __, __ your local real estate agent reaching out today to find out about how you research the real estate market and information about your home. Do you have an agent that you speak with, is the internet your source, or do you refer to a book? What is the information you commonly are seeking?

(Tailor the next part of the conversation to how they respond. Example: No agent or book and Zillow is the main source of information then position yourself as their local source.)

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