The Marketing Blast app allows you to deliver one-time marketing campaigns. This article will provide instructions on how to view your campaign history, once you have launched or scheduled a campaign within the Marketing Blast app.

Please follow these steps to view your campaign history within the Marketing Blast app:

  1. Log on to your account

  2. Locate the 'Marketing Blast' app under the 'Smart Apps'

  3. Click on the app

  4. Select 'Launch the App"

  5. Locate the blue bar at the top of your screen which says 'Marketing Blast' on the left-hand side and a down arrow on the right-hand side

  6. Click the down arrow on the right-hand side

  7. Select 'App History'

  8. Great! We are on the 'App History" page and can view our campaign history!

Let's break down the 'App History' page. Depending on what campaign you have launched, your page might look a little different. Below we will go through each title and what it means.

  1. Filter - A search bar which you can use to search your past campaigns

  2. Show - Allows you to select how many past campaigns you would like shown on your page at a given time

  3. Date - Shows the date you created and scheduled the campaign

  4. Type - What type of campaign was launched (e.g. Email, Direct Mail, or Voicemail)

  5. Campaign - The name of your campaign

  6. Tag - What tag or audience you launched the campaign out to

  7. People - How many people were in the tag you selected and have met the criteria of your campaign at the time of creating your campaign (For example, if I am launching an email campaign out to my Smart leads, the Marketing Blast app will only target Smart leads who have email addresses).

  8. Status - Shows if your campaign was 'Launched', 'Scheduled', or 'Waiting for Payment'. 'Launch' indicates your campaign has been successfully launched. 'Scheduled' indicates your campaign is scheduled to launch at a later date. 'Waiting for Payment' indicates your campaign is watching for a payment to be made to launch or schedule the campaign.

  9. Delivery - This shows the date range of when your campaign will be launched. We provide a range because, depending on the campaign, it may take more than 24 hours for the campaign to be successfully launched.

Thank you for reading this article! Please let us know if this helps or if you have any questions!

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