This premier app allows you to send out a blast (one-time) or drip (multiple touches over a set amount of time) direct mail campaign based on tags. Each one of these tags will be included in the mailer group(s). You will be able to select from three sizes: 4x6, 6x9, and 6x11

The app was designed to be incredibly easy to use, but we can run through the steps to launch here:

Configure Campaign

  • Give your campaign a name

  • Select which tag(s) you want to target

  • (optional) Limit the number of recipients

  • Select how many touches and how often

  • Select if you want to receive a copy of each touch

    • Ensure that if this option is selected, you have an address in your account settings

You will be able to preview the initial cost based on the standard mailer size (6x9) and the audience selected throughout the app creation process.

Choose Mailer Types

  • Click on the size option you would like for this mailer

  • You have many options for templates:

    • Send one of our Offrs templates as-is

    • Select a copy of one of ours, modify it, and save it as a custom template

    • Create a custom mailer from scratch

    • Select from any custom saved templates you've created here in the past

  • Repeat this for each of your mailers

Payment Information

  • Enter your payment information

Review Order

  • Confirm the size options, contact information, templates, and agree to the terms and conditions.

That's it!

Feel free to review your past, present, and future campaigns on the app history page.

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