It is imperative that users fill in all of the necessary information within the profile. The majority of the issues clients have with the account usually stem from missing profile information.  There are functions that will not work without such information.  One example is launching campaigns. 

'My Profile' is the first option within the 'Profile' module.  It is the first page that populates when you visit your 'Account Settings'.  This is where you are able to enter basic contact information.

  1.  Click on your name in the right hand corner of the account.
  2.  Select 'Account Settings' from the drop down menu. The 'Profile' page will populate.
  3.  From this first page you are able to fill in your name, company, title, email, cc email, phone number, website, and mailing address.
  4.  Make sure to click 'Save' after filling in your info.

Enter your company's name and your title along with any other information you may need to add for legal purposes. 

You are able to enter in two email addresses.  The first email the far left is the primary email and the one that you will use to log into the account.  We send notifications to the primary email.

You are able to enter in two different phone numbers.  The first line is for your land-line or business number and the second line available is for your mobile phone.

If you have a personal or business website that you want used in your branding you are able to add this into the profile as well.

The address that you enter will be used as the return address for any campaign launched involving physical mail.

'Password' is the second option within the 'Profile' module.  Here you are able to view your current password and also change it.

To change your password:

  1. Click above the line to the right of 'Change Password:'.
  2.  Highlight the current password and delete the content.
  3.  Fill in the new desired password.
  4.  Click the 'Save' button near the bottom right.

'Photo and Logo' is the third option within the 'Profile' module.  This is where you can upload a photo of yourself as well as the companies logo.  Your Photos will be used in all marketing communications including print, so please make sure your logo has good resolution (min. 600px wide).

The accepted formats include:  gif, png, jpg. Max file size 1Mb.

To upload your photos:

  1.  Click the 'Chose File' button.  A window will open.
  2.  Locate the image you wish to upload from your computer.
  3.  Click the 'Save' button to the bottom right corner.

(If you have any questions regarding the image uploading please send in a support ticket from the 'Get Help' section of your account or review the article 'Uploading or Changing my Photo and Logo Image'.)

'Signatures' is the fourth option in the 'Profile' module.

This is where you're going to setup the signatures for the different campaigns including email, letter, text, and disclaimer.  There are two options for your email signature.  Many states require disclaimers and you can also make use of disclaimers if you are worried about your messages violating any laws.

(For additional information on adding a disclaimer search for the article 'Adding a Disclaimer'.)

(For additional information on adding loading your letter or email signature search for the article 'Entering Your Signatures'.)

The last option within the 'Profile' module is 'Setup Text Number'.  This is where you are going to setup the number that your text campaigns will be sent from.

For many legal reasons, we cannot launch text message campaigns using your personal mobile phone number.
You will have your own unique and randomly generated number.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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