First, go to the Custom Smart Site section.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.

Scroll down to the Advanced menu.
Click on the Smart Sites item.

Here you will see all the Smart Sites you Created.
Click on the Menu Icon to the right of the Smart Site you want to Edit.
A menu will open.
Click on the Edit item.

A window will open.

There are 9 Sections in the window:

  • Site Name
  • Call-To-Action Title
  • Call-To-Action Sub-Title
  • Website Logo 
  • Background Image
  • SEO - Website Title
  • SEO - Website Description
  • SEO - Website Key Words
  • Embed Code (Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics & Tracking)

Site Name:

You will be the Only one who can see the Site Name. The Site Name appears in the Site column on the Create Smart Sites Page. This is how you can tell the Difference between your Smart Sites.


This is the First Line above the Search Bar on the Smart Site.

Call-To-Action Sub-Title:

This is the Next Line above the Search Bar.

Website Logo:

This is the Logo that Appears at the Top Center of the Smart Site. This section will also tell you the needed Size, Dimensions, and Format for the Image.

Size: Under 1mb

Dimensions: Width under 300px

Format: gif, png,and jpg 

It is also Recommended that your Image is Transparent.

Background Image:

If you want to change the Background Image. This is where you can do it. Just like with the Website Logo, the section will show the needed Size, Dimensions, and Format for the Image.

Size: Under 1mb

Dimensions: 1440x1029

Format: jpg and jpeg


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This affects how Search Engine's can find your Site. This is an Advance setting and should be changed with Care.

Embed Code (Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics & Tracking):

If you use Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics & Tracking. Copy the Needed Code and Paste into this section.

After you make the Changes.
Click on the Save button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Click on your Sites Name to View the changes you made.

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