Many of our users prefer to use their own pre-established voicemail providers due to familiarity and appreciation of the advanced tracking options these companies can provide. However, offrs grants the ability to send voicemails out to your leads based on tags or saved search lists. Users are provided a monthly allotment based on number of territories licensed. After this allotment is exceeded, the agent has the option to charge a credit card in order to pay for additional voicemails.

(The voicemails sent through offrs are dropped into the recipient's voicemail box. We do our best to connect with as many homeowners as possible but are limited by certain phone types and carriers.)

1. Locate the 'Launch Campaign' module on your home screen.

2. Click on the 'Launch Campaign' button.

3. Locate the 'Voicemail Campaign' module.

4. Click on the 'Launch' button.

5. You have several ways to select who you want to send the voicemail to:

  • Click on the search bar and type in or select the tag you would like to send the voicemail to. Then, click 'Search.'
  • Click on the tag from the 'Quick Launch' suggestions.
  • Click on a recently saved search list.

(If you are not familiar with how to save a customized list, please refer to the help article about saving a list.)

You will see a confirmation in a green box of the number of people who have the appropriate contact information to receive the campaign.

6. Click the button below this green box.

  • If it is a green button, it will tell you how many allotment you have for this campaign type and will say 'Continue To Next Step.'
  • If it is a red button, it is indicating that you do not have enough allotment to send to all of the people on the group. Clicking this will take you through the process of allowing a one-time charge on your credit card.

(After you exceed your allotment, voicemails cost $0.05 each.)

7. If you are using a global tag, you may have the option of selecting a suggested template or starting from scratch. For the suggested templates, click the 'Preview the campaign' button to see a preview. When ready, click the 'Choose' button next to the option you would like. If you were not provided an option, then no suggested templates exist and you will be taken to the 'Start from scratch' page.

8. Fill out the name of the campaign - This is the name that will be shown when you are viewing the campaign in the future on the 'Sent Campaigns' screen.

9. Fill out the voicemail script - This is the script that will appear when you are ready to record the voicemail. This is convenient because you have something to read right off of. If you aren't planning on reading off of the computer, just leave this area blank.

10. Once finished, click the 'Save' button at the top. This is very important. Click the 'Save' button whenever you make a change to the voicemail.

11. After you click the 'Save' button, click the 'Record Voice Mail' button. A new window will open showing the number that our system will call. Make sure this is your number. You should also see your script below if you entered one.

12. When ready, click the 'Click here - We'll call you to record your audio!' button. You will receive a call. You will be prompted to begin recording after the beep and to press the # symbol when you are done.

13. When finished and after pressing the # symbol, click where it says 'Click here when done recording.'

(You will now see a new button that sys 'Listen.' Click on it to listen to your recording. If not satisfied, repeat steps 10-12.)

14. When finished, click 'Save.'

15. After clicking the 'Save' button, click the 'Send Campaign' button at the top of the screen.

16. Select the day and the time that you would like the voicemail to be sent out.

17. When ready to send, click the 'OK. I Approve. Send It.' button.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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