The template page is where you go to turn on your drip campaigns for your different tags. Each tag can have its own drip campaign. There are several options when turning on and off your drips for each tag.

1. Click your name in the top right corner.

2. Select 'Account Settings.'

3. Scroll down until you locate the 'Autopilot' module.

4. Select the 'Autopilot' option.

You will see a grid-like pattern with campaign types across the top and tags down the left side.

5a. Click the tag name in order to modify that row's drip. This will modify all campaign types for that tag. (This is the recommended approach when turning on tags.)

5b. Click the campaign type at the top to modify campaigns of that type across all tags.

5c. Click one of the white 'Activate' buttons in order to activate it so that it requires approval.

Other than the white 'Activate' buttons, there are two other colors: Green (meaning on) and Red (meaning off).

If it is Green, it can have 'Approval Required' (meaning that you have to approve the campaigns from the task screen). It can also have 'No Approval Required'. These will go out automatically and are the recommended way to go.

6. Click on the three-line dropdown on the button in order to change the current status of that individual button. This will ONLY change the campaigns for that specific tag of the specific campaign type.

(IMPORTANT: If you do not have any templates set up and activated on the 'Templates' page, turning on the drip will not do anything.)

To learn more about how to set up your templates, view the article titled 'Setting up Drip Campaigns for a Tag'.

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