Viewing licensed territories, viewing type of territory, accessing the contract for each territory, viewing the start date and the monthly fee, seeing available platform seats, and adjusting platform team set up is available through the Licenses section of the platform.

  1.  Click on your name in the right hand corner.
  2.  Click on 'Account Settings'.
  3.  Locate the 'Account' module to the bottom left.
  4.  Click 'Licenses'.

Once you are in the Licenses section you will see the type of license, Geoid, your contractual start date, the monthly fee, and the contract length.

Geoid: You will see a series of numbers in blue.  These numbers identify your territory.  If you click on your territory Geoid, it will pull up the contract attached to this particular Geoid.  You are able to download the contract in order to keep it in your records.

Start Date:  The day that you licensed territories is the day that your allotment renews each month.  For example, if you licensed on 09/15 your allotment will renew on 10/15 and 11/15 and so on...

Platform Seats:  You are able to assign a certain amount of platform seats to your team members depending on your licensing.  Before you are able to assign platform seats you must setup your team.

(To set up teams please review the article 'Creating a Team'.)

The team leader still has to determine the level of access to give to their team.  We have multiple options for determining your team's access with one being to share a platform seat and then hand-assigning only the leads you choose.

You will be able to select what you would like your teammates to have access to as far as marketing and notes.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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