When sending mass campaigns through the 'Launch Campaign' page, you will be prompted if the marketing will exceed your allotment. Here we will talk about how to process this additional charge.

1. Click 'Launch' from the 'Launch a Campaign' screen.

(If it's a mass campaign, you will be taken to a screen where you can search for a tag or list.)

2. You have several ways to select who you want to send the campaign to:

  • Click on the search bar and type in or select the tag you would like to send the email to. Then, click 'Search.'
  • Click on the tag from the 'Quick Launch' suggestions.
  • Click on a recently saved search list.

(If you are not familiar with how to save a customized list, please refer to the help article about saving a list.)

You will see a confirmation in a green box of the number of people who have the appropriate contact information to receive the campaign.

3. Click the button below this green box.

  • If it is a green button, it will tell you how many allotment you have for this campaign type and will say 'Continue To Next Step.'
  • If it is a red button, it is indicating that you do not have enough allotment to send to all of the people in the group. Clicking this will take you through the process of allowing a one-time charge on your credit card.

(If you are not familiar with how much each marketing type costs, please refer to the help article about the price of on-demand campaigns.)

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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