You will first notice the Graph near the center of the Page.
This Graph will give you an Overview of your Farm.

Your Farm is all of the People you are Marketing yourself to.
Including the People in your Territory and your Sphere Contacts.

The outer Graph shows you the People in your Territory and your Sphere Contacts.
The inner Graph is shows your different Leads.

NOTE: Only the Main Account Holder will have this Graph. If you are a Team Member. You will not have this Graph.

There are Two Tabs above the Graph:

  • Campaigns
  • Live Training


This Graph show you the Campaigns you have Launched through your offrs Account on a day to day basis.

Live Training:

This is one of Many areas where you can Sign Up for one of our Free Live Training Sessions.

You will see your most recent Messages from RAIA to the right of the Graph.
This is just one of Many places where you will receive Messages from her.
She will also Email and Text Message you too.

You can View your Leads below the Graph.

There are Three core Leads we are finding for you:

  • Smart Data Leads
  • Lookup Leads
  • Verified Leads

Click Here for more Information about the different Leads.

If you are a New Client.
You will probably not have Lookup Leads or Verified leads Yet.

There are many ways to View your Leads.
Click on the View button in the Individual Boxes to view those Leads.

It is Very Important to make sure all of the Information in your Profile is filled out.
Continue for more Information.

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