To Access the Tags page.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.
In the Advanced menu.
Click on the Tags item.

This is where you can View all of the Tags in your offrs Account.
You can also Create your own Custom Tags.

You will see 6 Columns:

  • Tag
  • Alias
  • Type 
  • Class
  • Expires
  • Action


This is the Tags Main Name. You can only Edit the Tags Main Name, if it's a Custom Tag. Global Tags Main Name cannot be changed.


Because the Main Name for Global Tags cannot be changed. You can give them an Alias instead. The Alias will always Override the Tags Main Name. Alias works for both Custom and Global Tags.


This will show you weather a Tag is a Global Tag or a Custom Tag. Global Tags are Tags that come Pre-Loaded in your offrs Account. Custom Tags are Tags that you have Created.


There are 3 Main Classes for Tags:

  • GEO
  • Descriptive
  • Status

GEO: This Class will only be given to your Territories GEOID Tag. This is the Tag everyone in that Territory will get.

Descriptive: Most of your Tags will be Descriptive Tags. Just like the Name suggests. This Tag is used for Descriptive purposes.

Status: These Tags are used to help Organize Leads in the Nurturing process.


You can Create Tags to Expire after a certain Number of Days

For Example: If you Create a Custom Tag for People you are inviting to your Open House. You will probably not need that Tag after the Open House is over. You can Choose in how many Days you want the Tag to Expire. Which means the Tag will be Automatically Deleted.


The Action Column will have Menu Icons next to Each Tag. Depending on the Type of Tag. This will allow you to Edit or Delete a Tag.

You can Create your own Custom Tags by clicking on the CREATE A NEW TAG button near the top right corner.

Click Here for more Information on how to Create your own Custom Tag.

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